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Spring brings along the usual airing out of spaces, finally warm enough outside for the windows to be opened and things to be sorted out, cleaned and organized anew.. and my fiber bins are packed with awesome treats even I had forgotten about. Much like the pleasures of blogging, the time to sit and go through the ever-accumulating stash seems to have dwindled, and it was invigorating enough to clean and organize my fibers that I decided to check in here and do a bit of writing.

Getting ready to vend at the Fleece Market at Webs' annual Tent Sale coming up on May 14th, and the yarn making apparatus is engaged with delicious fibery creations in various stages of completion. Full bobbins waiting to be plied with some of the sumptuous 1/45 cashmere with 1/600 silk binding from Loro Piana that I purchased at Webs as soon as it became available, and I am having a wonderful creative experience playing with it in the plying process, adding a bit more luxury into my already high-end handmade yarns.

As the past few years have tossed me about personally, I've begun to narrow my focus with making yarns that engage and satisfy me during the process, yarns that I would personally want to knit with, that will be beautiful and durable, and move outward into the world and in the hands of others, make spectacular garments and projects. I make luxury yarn for handknitters and crocheters who want to add something unique and precious to their creative process.

Life is too short to drink cheap wine or knit with less-than-pleasing yarn.

Which reminds me, there should totally be a tiny glass of port consumed while I'm plying this evening.

For a more up-to-date look into my process, please follow me on Instagram at Artemis4242 for the photographic adventures of a fiber nerd.


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