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It's been a pretty productive weekend, and I'm enjoying the continuous evolution of my spinning projects, be they on the wheel or my spindles.

Currently on the wheel: This gorgeous Loop batt is being plied with a thin Corriedale/Merino cross single, which I think is coming out beautifully, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of finish I get after this skein has been set.

Sometimes I feel so impatient with the plying process, like once it's spun I just want to get it finished immediately, but then I remember how much of the character in the finished yarn, as well as how long it will hold up under abrasion without pilling, is determined by the degree of ply twist. Just like warping a loom, once the single is spun, I'm about halfway there.

Here's the plied yarn, sitting on the rack drying out after just having been dunked in some nice hot water.

Currently on my beloved Kundert spindle: Some lovely multicolored Corriedale top purchased on my trip to the Rhinebeck fiber festival this year.

I think I'd like to ply this with the other ball of sparkly spindle spun Loop batt once it's finished.. we'll see if I change my mind at the last minute.

More to come as new yarns make their way onto my Etsy shop...



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